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Persona 5 wallpapers
70€ for your character in persona style!
25$ for a 1 storyboard comic page
50$ for a 1 Line art only comic page
75$ for a 1 black and white comic page
90$ for a 1 flat colour comic page
100$ for a 1 coloured and shaded page
110$ for a 1 coloured and shaded + fx page
130$ for a 1 coloured and shaded + fx + complex background or outfits/accessories or lot of characters page
200$ for a 1 coloured and shaded + fx + complex background AND outfits/accessories AND lot of characters page
350$ for 5 Full HD comic pages
100$ for a 1 scene picture
Comic style colo
50$ for the comic style as colo
Colour shaded and fx
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Coloured and Shaded
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Flat colour
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Black and white
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+10$ for 1 line art character
Black and white basic sketches
For 5$ you can earn a pic of a character sketched by me

I decided i shouldn't work on week end. Before I worked 7/7 but my family and friends told me i looked exhausted. Even if i enjoy every single second of working, they might be right and i need to take time for myself, and to rest my body. So by now i'll 

114 deviants said fine by me it's important to rest!


>when you kind of want your pony couple but you don't have $100
Sat Jun 10, 2017, 7:55 PM
please do, don't be shy ^^
Sun Jun 12, 2016, 4:58 AM
Gunna have to commission you sometime ;)
Tue Feb 9, 2016, 6:39 PM
Fri Nov 27, 2015, 10:59 AM
Mon Nov 23, 2015, 6:43 PM
youre art is amazing! I hope one day I get to be as awesome as you!
Sat Oct 3, 2015, 9:59 AM
you have awsome art :3
Sun Sep 6, 2015, 3:24 PM
Keep up the amazing art!! I love it all!!
Fri Aug 14, 2015, 12:13 PM
Hi :D
Sat Aug 7, 2010, 11:07 PM
Thu Aug 5, 2010, 7:25 AM

What it takes to be a fair artist?

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 10, 2017, 1:59 PM
Gallery :pokeball:Add me :pokeball: Art Stats :pokeball: Note me :pokeball: commission :pokeball: FAQS

I would like to talk about a subject that is close to my heart ... what is it to be a professional artist and what does it involve?

For a month I see flourish on groups of fandom, but also very uninteresting pages like free pigeon and drawing pages, debates that denounce our working conditions.

There are two schools in this debate that are competing. On the one hand, amateurs * who are not professionals sometimes have neither art degree nor the majority and draw for pleasure or training. And on the other hand, we have the professionals who have made their talent, their gift, their passion a job that should be able to make them live.

But where is the problem? You have to start somewhere, right? Yes. We all start scribbling, training to progress, whether we want to do his job or not. Like here :…

But where does it bother you? Well, it's when amateurs come to encroach on the field of professionals. To this there are several cases:

1 / an amateur makes free drawings to people on fb groups.

So yes, there is nothing wrong you say and I would say yes but in small private committee only. A beginner cartoonist, under the guise of training, can draw for him, on his projects or for close friends. But as soon as he comes to promote attention to himself and his work by making free drawings with every turn, he may not only take the bread out of the mouth of a professional who could have done this commission and eating with it, but it also conveys the dangerous message that says: "drawing is not a real job and is an act of absolute gratuity not deserving of salary or being taken seriously."

I invite you to listen to the story of this baker who opens a bakery after studying. He trained a lot at home and during his training to have his diploma, in the rules of the art, and can finally live from the fruit of his work.

All is well, the customer discovers with pleasure the new useful trade and the baker eats up to his hunger.

One day, a little stall worthy of a lemonade stand sits right in front. It offers the same products, may be of lower quality that said. But he offers them for free and it stays good in taste. And when the baker protests, the amateur laughs in his nose, protecting himself behind the fact that he trains and can not chase him, having no right.

The consumer then forsakes the real bakery because between the paid quality and a product just like free, the customer will look for the profit and will not remain faithful to the trade. Oh of course there will be a small handful of loyal customers, but it will not be enough for the baker to live ... and he closes shop.

The amateur opposite, all happy, has two choices. Continue his free booth for the beauty of art ... the closing of the bakery did not affect him and he may not have even realized it. Or, use his "training" to become a baker himself!

All happy, he validates his achievements and opens his bakery ... but not a customer ... they refuse to pay for what was free before and will find their happiness on the stall opposite, opened by a new amateur.

Do you see the morality of this story?

an amateur wrote:
Being an amateur draftsman I feel concerned by what you say that I have more the impression that you speak of commission for company or other. But you have to see another side, the majority of those on the internet are young people who do not necessarily have 20 euros in the pocket so it's no wonder he is throwing himself directly on what is free.
And little aside I think any diploma related to art especially at the dawn of the internet will have no value, must see the number of talented artists who have not studied but after n ' is my point of view."

It does not remain a good thing. If a young person does not have 20 € for a game or a garment, will you provide all the needy? Remember that these 20 € they do not have to put in a drawing they have for other fantasy.

You owe nothing to his people and you used them badly. If you really love art, why try to destroy it? Because yes, quality drawings take time and if we are pushed to give up our work by destroying it, there will be less and less drawing and less and less quality because you will not have as much free time to draw once an adult with a full time job.

In addition, the equipment is expensive. 1700 € for a graphic tablet pro. And studies 12000 € for 3 to 5 years lost for people who will not be able to resume studies or reorient themselves and who will be sentenced to work at mac do until a retirement they will not touch. If you want them.

And we must consider what is most important. Saving a trade or contenting profiteers encouraged by this kind of false good action.

2 / young professionals who let themselves be exploited.

These offer their services for 10x cheaper than others. They do the work of 4 men and are ready to do anything to work.

We come back not only to the misappropriation of the baker's clientele, but also a greater danger, close to the message of gratuity.

It leads to the economic collapse of a market because the more pro who practice prices lower and lower, the more others will have to lower their prices to stay in the market and hope to work.

Recently, a site has caused a scandal by proposing to pro artists to take logo orders at 5 €! A logo is worth between 50 and 200 €. And on these 5 € the site took a part to have made the link between the client and the artist. In addition, the proposed logos were sometimes suspicious, we heard about plagiarism, thefts, and I pass ...…

And those who have let themselves be proud are not ...

3) non-art professionals who do not want to engage pro artists and prefer to appeal to individuals because it is cheaper.

Incredible but true!…

And it is also a danger for the profession, because these people will always find someone to answer the call. An amateur artist in the woods or a pro ready to scuttle because also in the dèche.

_but then ... what can we do? And not much ... the rules do not protect us and do not allow us to fight against unfair concurrency, or misconceptions about the exploitation we suffer, even less on the received ideas of gratuity and contempt of our a job that would not be there. And the worst part is that the real pros have done nothing to get there. But with the expansion of the net to all, fans are more numerous and therefore drowning the artists by strongly conveying the right to free and killing the profession for lack of empathy and pragmatism. Everyone for his mouth, and giving reason to companies wishing to take advantage of the noose around the neck pros artists to pull briskly on the leash.

Gradually, it's a job that will disappear ... we will no longer be able to claim a salary for our work.

My speech may seem alarmist, it is not there yet. The problem is that we are going at high speed and that it is not when we will be there that we will have to react ... it will be too late.

All we can do is refuse to be exploited and educate by always keeping this speech ... explaining. And punching when necessary.

And you what do you think?

Voici la liste:

6 - Lightning Storm - OC + background digital couleur

7 - Blue Fire => digital flat colour => Oc + base canon (saintrow / vinyl)

8 - Lino => Lino F + Destiny

9 - Kershaff => oc digital colour shaded + BG taverne boulangerie => robe bordeaux foncé , yeux verts foncés (AJ), Mane noire avec mèches rouges et morpho cadence.

10 - Ichigo => digital couleur => Octavia pour la voiture

11 - Aliax => digital couleur comic => OC changeling

12 - Darklight => digital couleur comic => Oc + armure

13 - Mister chucky => digital couleur shaded et fx => oc

14 - Capelliman => digital couleur shaded => oc + RD + trophé

15 - Cotorielle game => flat colour => twilight humaine

16- green lips => digital oc fx = > oc + table de mixage + caissons

17 - Aliax => bannière digital comic 5 ocs

18 - Sleeva => digital => oc en mode geekette+pc

19 - Puffy : Furry lugia

20 - 3vilpyro - oc p5 as joker

21 - Aliax - oc p5

22 - Lino et destiny en humains.

23 - Fly oc P5



1/ GreenLips - OC + Rainbow dash + tree hugger + vinyl+shade+fx+bg complexe

2/ McCloudKnight: -voici mon OC:
-c'est une licorne (sans blague ?)
-Voici son cutie mark (que tu peut trouver sur mon OC):
-couleur avec ombre
-sans SFX apparente
-une plaine avec de la verdure quelque nuage dans le ciel bleu, des montagne à l’horizon et tu peut ajouté un château sur le fond si tu veux

3/ Cianid255: a fully body pony standing in armor with a weapon of choice in this style, how much would something like this cost?

And some simple background like:
1. on a mountain overlooking a valley
2. next to a waterfall and a small spring lake
3.On a balcony of a castle

4 - SubduedMoon : Skin journal digital couleur shaded FX (FAIT manque le fond)

+ les commissions des ponyfolies qui sont inscrites sur un carnet à part.

5 - Lino : Photo de famille Scythe.

6 - Changeling puffy reformé WG 3 parties

7 - furry WG


1 - Dreamcatcher174 : Bat pony oc + armor digi coul shade fx (pas payé)
2 - Rachel : tatouage attrape rêve NB digi + noms filles (pas payé)
3 - Labyrinth : OC avatar + OC badge plastifié (bat pony gris et vert) digital shaded (manque références)

D'autant que j'ai eu un grave accident qui a fini en entorse des cervicale (qui peut entrainer la tétraplégie). J'avais posté l'aventure aux urgences en live et fait circulé l'information.

Du coup, j'y vais molo pour éviter de tout perdre. J'ai aussi fait un burnout, j'ai dû changer d'emploi à côté et on m'invite à aussi faire des choses pour moi, donc prendre mon temps. Merci de ta compréhension.


skin by WikiME
  • Listening to: ost of video games and mangas.
  • Reading: Eragon
  • Watching: manga
  • Playing: Sonic, Zelda and final fantasy ... pokemon?XD
  • Eating: I don&#039;t like eating... But i love cooking! XD
  • Drinking: Not at all... I drink water and a little soda.


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Current Residence: Nantes France
Favourite genre of music: Ost of video games and anime.
Favourite photographer: Nobody.
Favourite style of art: I don't know, all is good. Maybe manga style and japonese like in Okami^^'
Favourite cartoon character: Blaze the cat
Personal Quote: i'm already inlove with my boyfriend!^^


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